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Architectural Design

Our Integrated architectural design includes, besides the internal well thought out internal division, a design for distinguished fronts that are calculated and organized in terms of percentages and materials.

Thoughtful schemes

Well thought out schemes for the entire requited services (electricity, lights, health, and communications) then follow up to obtain approvals from competent parties.

Design villas’ Parks

Design villas’ parks of all elements and accessories like swimming pools and accessories, in addition to outdoor areas using the best proper modern materials that suite the Qatari environment.

Interior Design

Interior design that reflects the proper circumstances for free time and achieves mental comfort through the best selection of the interior design elements that suite the selected style and includes the color combination, furniture, light, and materials.

Badria kafood

بدرية كافود للهندسة

للتصميمات المعمارية الخارجية والداخلية وتصميم الحدائق

Badria Kafood

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