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+1. How do you calculate the price of design services per villa? and on what bases the price is calculated?

Our prices are well studied and very completive to the marker price. It rises up to meet the volume and complexity of the project. The pricing is done according to the project type and the client requirements. The design of a (G+1+P) villa starts from 20 thousand Qatari Riyals.

+2. What would the area of the building be for the office to be able to render the vest design services to?

The office designs villas and small residential complexes as well as medium height buildings provided that the area of the construction does not exceed 4000 square meters.

+3. What are the steps that precede the signing of contract stage?

The client visits our office, data is taken as well as the requirements of the design, and prices are discussed. In case the price suited the client and was within the allocated budget for the design, a second appointment shall be scheduled to sign the contract, pay the advanced payment, and submit the official required documents as follows:
- Copy of the owner’s ID.
- Original copy of the ownership deed.
- Original copy of the site plan.

+4. What does distinguish you from other design offices?

Badria Kafood, a Qatari engineer, personally sets the design idea and follows up on all the details, therefore, our architectural and internal designs reflect the Qatari society needs. In addition to that, our office is specially designed to provide comfortable environment to receive families and women.

+5. Do you have any particular pattern in internal designs?

Our internal designs are varies and innovative. Some are modern and classic in all of its details, tradition, splendor, and originality that suite all tastes. Moreover, we give detailed engineering sketches and 3D boards that are given to the clients enabling them to see the complete designs thus facilitating and assisting in the implementation.

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